Activating Learner's Passion

We change the way people learn! It is our belief that everyone has the capability to do much more than he or she thinks – that’s where we start. We make learning an experience so that learner’s re-gain their passion for learning, That’s what m:pulse stands for, that’s our brand promise. History claims that a monk sent out his pupil to document the beauty of the world on a stone slate. read more

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what we do

Good-bye Learning Event.
Hello Learning Journey!

Hello Creativity! We specialize in designing and facilitating personal and organizational development programs that are dynamic, relevant and interactive. Our long experience has taught us that sustainability is a key aspect in L&D. That’s why we don’t disappear after a course, but stay with you during the phase of implementing new concepts into your organization - down to the individual.

how we do it

Boring Training? – No thanks!

We have completely ditched slide-based training formats and focus on learning agility and reverse engagement to maintain participants’ engagement levels and activate their passion for learning. By using a learning journey approach with dedicated activities around the actual learning event, we increase retention levels and speed up on-the-job application of skills and knowledge. Your company culture and infrastructure helps us define those sustainability tools and instruments that make the difference.”
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who we are

We are Organisational Coaches

Our team of international consultants and facilitators are aligned to use a fresh and sometimes unconventional approach to help develop your teams. Located in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we are ready to integrate into your organisation to understand culture, challenges and opportunities. The more complex, the more excited we are. Schedule a personal meeting or call to find out more.

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Dynamic, breath-taking and customized learning solutions for your organisation

    Dynamic, breath-taking and customized learning solutions for your organisation

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