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We take you on a journey into your organization and understand the building blocks of success. Then we target those areas where we can make a difference.

All our learning solutions are tailored and have one goal only: help drive the organization to success. Measurably.

Business Environment
Your organization operates in a macro and micro economic landscape. Your business environment is defined by geography and industry sector; customer segments, market information, common practices, historic events and technology advances are part of it. The needs of your customers also play a role.
Value Creation
Value creation is the process and the result of your production and can be products, solutions and services. Market differentiation, customer value proposition and unique selling points are part of it.ale.
Operations & People
Processes and those who use them combined represent Operations & People. Starting with IT, HR, manufacturing, logistics, quality, and many more. Our understanding of your Operations & People help us to adapt potential learning solutions to your organizational culture, market approach and corporate values.
Value Proposition
This is everything related to providing your products and services, such as logistics, value chain, After-sales offerings, but also specialized training or other services you provide.
Sales & Marketing
We want to understand which channels you use to connect to the market and position your products, how does marketing work in your world and what tools you use for customer acquisition. What are the sales management tools you are using and how do you keep track of your activities and ultimately of your sales numbers. How do you calculate number of sales professionals or POS to contribute to the success of the organization.
Customer Loyalty
Are you focused on new customer acquisition, or do you offer products/services your customers continuously buy? How do you create ongoing customer dialogue; what demographic do you target in which languages? We are also interested in what your customers value and how you respond to that - this all helps us designing the right solutions for you.
Business Success
At the end of the day, everything must lead to your desired business success - and how does it look like? What’s your vision and how do you define success? As soon as we have clarity, we can help close gaps by using sustainable, dynamic and measurable learning solutions.

Our m:pulse tangram helps us define direction and topics. Rigorous clarity on goals but flexible integration make us a strong partner to work with. We value openness, transparency and loyalty while we define the connecting elements between today and tomorrow.

These are the areas we investigate, define key competencies and help ensure your time and monetary investment into the right measures.

„Theory is great. Application is measurable.“
Stephan Melchior

Learning Methodology

Learning Methodology

Open seminars are popular but have limited levels of productivity. We custom build learning content which is fun and exciting. Dynamic learning methodologies such as World Café or Facilitation helps us integrate the most important part into the learning journey: the participant.

Monotonous presentations upfront are systematically banned, learning impact is increased and participants are eager to participate.

We call this agile course dynamics.

Agile Learning

We specialize in adult learning. Participants take the driver seat in our dynamic course activities and support each other throughout the entire journey to define their successful future while our facilitators make sure they all stay on track. Our Experience-Centric Learning Methodology helps to create participant-focused interaction.

Agile Learning