„Creative and Sustainable Learning Solutions“
Stephan Melchior



The Chinese Tangram: history claims that a munch sent out his pupil to document the beauty of the world on a stone slate. As it happens, the slate broke into 7 pieces and while trying to put the slate back together, the young pupil discovered various shapes and patterns. His master then taught him that the beauty of the world is right here in front of him, without the need to travel out into the world to find it.

Our approach at mpulse is the same: we work with existing resources, people and processes in your organization to find innovative and breathtaking learning solutions. Your teams have tremendous potential; and we are going to activate it.


learning sustainability

Good-bye learning event!
Welcome Learning Journey. Welcome Digital. Welcome Creativity.

Our long experience has taught us: sustainability is a main aspect in L&D. That’s why we don’t disappear after a course, but stay with you during the phase of implementing new concepts into your organization - down to the individual.

Your company culture and infrastructure helps us define those sustainability tools and instruments that make the difference.



Stephan Melchior
Stephan Melchior is your partner in action. His 15 years in Marketing and Sales and 18 years in Learning & Development working in multi-national organizations as well as learning consulting make him a resourceful and creative consultant. Stephan has absolved training missions and projects in more than 25 countries with passion, aspiration and sustainable learning development to help organizations like yours be successful in a dynamic market place.

Our team of consultants is located around the world and comprises talent from various industry sectors and backgrounds. This enables us to offer our client base global implementation while maintaining the local feel for your teams.
„Off-the-Shelf seminars and individual customer needs don't fit together“